Grown Ups

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When we were all children we always dreamed about what we wanted to be when we grow up. Most of us said that we wanted to be doctors, lawyers, singers, actors/actresses. We chose those professions because we wanted to be successful in our futures. As a kid being a grown up seemed like such an exciting time in life, which it definitely is don’t get me wrong, but now that I am an adult it is and it isn’t all that i expected. I am now 22 years old and I can honestly say that I’m truly trying to find my path to success. I am working a job that pays the bills, do I love it? No. I realize that apart of adulting is sometimes putting yours needs before your wants which is super difficult for me to do. There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to adulting.

Being an adult is a challenge after challenge. Even though sometimes it feels as though I’m getting kicked while I’m already down, I somehow see myself through it. Growing up is not an easy thing to do but it is inevitable so we might as well make the best of it. I have taught myself to be my own moral conscience which is something I’m not used to. Im used to having family and friends decide my fate for me because they love me so I just assumed they would never steer me in the wrong direction. I’m super independent these days and taught myself to make and stand by my own decisions. I am an only child so I am conditioned to being a bit sheltered. So transitioning from always having someone there to depending on myself has been a difficult but much needed transition.

Personally I am not where I wanna be in life yet. Yes of course I am able to provide for myself which is the most important part and i am able to fulfill my needs but what about all of my wants ? I want to have a car, I want to have a job that challenges me, I want to have a job in my field, a better apartment. But Im learning to be grateful for all that I do have and the fact that I am blessed enough to get up every morning to go into work and be able to provide for myself. Another big part of adulting is being able to stay optimistic & challenge yourself to be better and work harder than you are now. That’s truly the key to success. If someone were to ask me now what i want to be when i grow up my answer would be simple, I wanna be the boss and I’ll stop at nothing until I make that want a reality.

What was/is the most difficult part of growing up for you? What do you struggle with the most? Why? Are you in a place in your life where you feel as though you are successful or where you wanna be in life?


My First ever collaborative blog post


I got the chance to do a collaborative blog post with one of my fellow bloggers. I was so excited when the opportunity presented itself so I absolutely took advantage of it. The blog post is apart of blogger, shayshaytries’ curlfriends natural hair series. In this series she connects with a series of naturalistas as they tell their stories as well as share some tips! Go and check out this amazing blog post via this link:

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The Glo up


46FBD96C-9EE0-43C2-BDC2-FFBD1B8BCB85.pngI’m baaaaack ! It has been a real real long time since I’ve posted on here due to my busy schedule. Let’s do a quick recap/update on my life:

  • I just finished my first year of graduate school – I literally made it through by the grace of God because when I say this past semester beat me the hell up I mean it. From the excessive papers due one after the other and the not so great professors it was just a bit of a change and challenge for me. BUT I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me so I knew that I was going to make it through. This past semester I actually had the chance to bond with a lot of my classmates and get to know them which was a plus because we would help eachother out and keep eachother inspired and engaged because we all knew first hand what the other was going through !
  • I became the Summer Graduate Assistant for the Masters of Public Administration program- Now this is my real life Cinderella story y’all. It was me and one of my classmates both going up for this position. My classmate was more than qualified to take on this position so when I initially heard that she had applied I felt a bit discouraged and by that point had already psyched myself out. I went for my interview with the director of the program that I had already met breifly at an event prior to me starting Graduate School and to my surprise she remembered me. Also she just so happened to be my graduate advisor, whom i hadn’t stopped in and saw yet which isn’t recommended (build great relationships with your advisors, they’re there to help!) As soon as I sat down we talked about the event we both attended and then went into the interview. A few weeks following the interview I was notified by my advisor that I had gotten the position of Summer graduate assistant. Typically people just take their wins and go on bout their business but I wanted to know why she had chosen me she looked at me and said she sees my potential and my passion. That meant the absolute world to me and showed me that I have to work my ass off in this assistantship to show her that she did not make a bad decision by taking a chance on me. Since then I have started my assistantship and I love it so much already. I have a lot planned and there will be many great things to come for the Masters of Public Administration ‼️
  • I got my own Studio Apartment – y’all the bird has finally left the nest ! For as long as I can remember I have always lived with people. I lived with my parents up until the age of 17 and then I went off to college in Buffalo and had roommates all the way up until this past May. The search for my own studio apartment was NOT an easy one but through the grace of God and my optimism I was able to find a small studio apartment that was just right for me. Since I’ve moved out on my own I’ve gained this sense of independence and I am so obsessed with this feeling. I love the fact that I depend on myself for pretty much everything at this point and I know that I am gonna get things done ! Being in my own space is allowing me the opportunity to get to know myself and see my quirks and tweaks as well as my positive attributes. If you ever get the chance to move into your own apartment, DO IT! The feeling is truly indescribable.

Everyone has a different definition of what it is to hit their glo up moment. To me a glo up is when an individual is just excelling I’m so many different aspects of their life. Some people don’t even know when their glo will happen it just kinda does. I can relate to that because I feel as though I am in a totally different place mentally and I don’t even really know when i made that crossover from who I was into the woman I am today but I love it and I love her and who she is becoming. This summer is all about my glo up mentally, physically and spiritually and if I must say I have a pretty good headstart! When you hit your glo you automatically know it because you see that change in yourself. Those little things that used to upset you barely bother you, those people who use to be so important get put on the back burner because you are so in tune with yourself. It’s okay to be selfish from time to time because you have to know and believe that if no one else in this world got you, you got you and your not gonna let yourself fail, this is one of the most comforting feelings you will ever experience. So accept and embrace your glo because it will prove to you that true happiness comes from within yourself!