New Years Resolution ?

I make a New Years resolution every single but ask me if i actually follow through on it .. the answer will most likely be no. I am not the best with consistency in most things that I do. The passion is there and so is the vision and so are the steps needed to get to where i want to be but the will to actually work hard for it is sadly lacking. I don’t know what it is with me but when i feel as though something requires too much work i kind of sike myself out and … Continue reading New Years Resolution ?

Happy Holidays

It’s been a while eh ? I got so wrapped up in final exams and final papers as well as the upcoming holidays and of course working. I was able to take off a whole week from work to head home and spend time with my family. I haven’t been home since the summer time so this was sort of a must for me to make this trip. I spent the day with my immediate family, my parents, grandparents, auntie and my cousin. So this is my first year spending holidays with my family where I am finally over 21 … Continue reading Happy Holidays

What’s your timeline ?

Okay so i feel like everybody either lowkey or highkey has a timeline of how they want their life to play out so boom here’s mine. I want to start having kiddies at the age of 26. But i want to be married for at least a year and half before i have my children so that means i want to me married by 25 but engaged by 24. But i want to be dating my husband to be for at least 3 years before we get married which means i would have to meet and be dating my husband … Continue reading What’s your timeline ?


If there is one thing that I CANNOT stand is a bully ! I was working register at my job the other day and I saw these young girls maybe in their mid-teens walk in, order some fries, then sit down and enjoy. I see another girl around their age group see them through the window and proceeds to come in but when the group of girls seen her they had a totally different reaction, they got up and tried to hide from the girl behind garbage cans and underneath the table (mind you my job is surrounded by windows … Continue reading Bullies