We Gon’ Be Alright


Sometimes we feel like when horrific or tragic things happen to us that’s it the end of the world but we gotta remember and constantly remind ourselves that we will be alright. Yes in that moment that pain that we are feeling feels so unreal and unforgettable but life moves/goes on and so will you. This is where being self sufficient and in tune with yourself comes to play. Not to say that self confidence lowers the chances of being hurt but it will in the long run. An individual that is dependent on others around them to ensure their happiness will never and can never truly be happy within themselves. So whatever hurt and pain that person may experience will be ten times worse than the individual who fends for themselves and doesn’t actively allow others actions to impact their emotions. If you did no wrong in that situation and still ended up being hurt in the end there is unfortunately nothing you can do to make it better because we as people, as bad as we want to, can not and do not control those around us. When you find yourself in a tough position or point in life, no matter how tough just say to yourself “I am strong, I can handle anything that is thrown my way, I am resilient and I am gonna be alright”.

2018 is the year of self reliance


I just recently did one of my rants on my Snapchat and it got the wheels turning in my head. Why do we rely on others opinions to feel validated within ourselves ? This is something that we all have or will struggle with at some point during our life. That is giving someone else way to much power over you. I used this reference during my rant and it really resonated with me.

Take a second and think about this situation. So let’s say that life is like a game of musical chairs. So in this game the main purpose is to ensure that you have a seat by the time that music cuts off. So your partaking in this game of musical chairs going around chair after chair in hopes you’ll land in one but when the music cuts off all of your friends are sitting in chairs and you’re not. Now that is just like Life simply because the chairs can represent numerous opportunities that pass us by on a daily basis that we don’t take advantage of because of several reasons. Maybe we didn’t put in enough effort or maybe we did but that opportunity just wasn’t meant for us. It’s okay for something not to be for you. You’re walking around the chairs over and over again represents you weighing out your options and your decision making. Life presents us with the opportunity to make all of the decisions and have to be willing to live with whatever consequences come with said decision.

Another way to look at this analogy of musical chairs is you’re playing the game, walking around the chairs and the music stops and you and your friend both land in the chair and they push you out so that they can stay in the game. That is symbolic because in life the people that you would hold on sometimes won’t do the same in return for you. They’ll let you fall and fail. This is where the importance of being self reliant comes into play. It’s human nature for someone else’s actions to naturally affect you but it shouldn’t end you indefinitely. You need to find the strength within yourself that you will and can be good on you own no matter what you might encounter in your life. May 2018 be filled with challenges, positivity, good times and experiences and most importantly self reliance.

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Tips on how to have a successful semester !


1. DO NOT procrastinate. Get that negativity out of your life, no really. Make 2018 be your year of being productive and handling your business in an effective and timely manner

2. Try your best to stay positive. The semester might get a bit stressful as time progresses but just try and allow that positivity to shine through way past the negativity. There will be times when you want to quit but don’t, stick through the rough times because greater times are near in the future !

3. Think of the bigger picture at hand. Remember when you were little and grown ups would ask what we wanted to be when we grew up well this is the time in your life where you are acquiring all of those tools and experiences to make that dream come true.

4. Don’t get discouraged. School does not always come easy to everyone some of us have to take that extra step to understand material. If that is you please do not get discouraged, keep pushing yourself to try harder and harder.

5. You wanna be the part so dress that part. The statement “your appearance has an affect on your attitude” is soooo true! Dressing up automatically makes one feel good. You already know that you look good so you’re gonna feel good emotionally and have high spirits. So pick a random day or few days to try out a different style and see if it affects your day 😏

6. Hardy Diet. Ever heard that “breakfast foods are the brain’s thinking foods”? Well let me tell you this is so true. If you start your morning off right it could alter your entire day, give it a try! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but some eggs and a slice of bread could definitely go a long way. Instead of you being in class thinking about the yummy lunch you’ll have after class is over you’ll be able to give your professor your full attention.

These are just a few tips that work for me, please share more tips if you guys have ! Happy first day of classes to all my fellow college students!!!

Everybody ain’t ya friend 🤷🏾‍♀️


One saying that we’ve all heard from our parents throughout our childhood was “ Everybody ain’t ya friend”. Meaning those people that you are trying so hard to impress and those people that you are breaking your back to look out for probably wouldn’t do the same for you. Now that i am in my adult life if i am ever unsure of a friendship or relationship I simply ask myself “would they do the same for me ?” Not because i want recognition for being a good friend but because i want to have a friend that would be as good to me as I am to them. With some friendships without a doubt I could say hands down YES they would do everything and beyond to hold me down if the situation ever presented itself. Then there are those friendships that I have to question whether or not they would. That is me answering my question without me even knowing it but everybody ain’t your friend.

This leads me into a video that recently just went viral. The video can be viewed on worldstarhiphop.com and it’s titled, “Folks have a girl strip for allegedly stealing a gram of weed”. So basically wants going down in this video is a group of young adults, both men and women, yelling and ultimately becoming physical with a girl because a gram of weed went missing. This apparently was a air bnb party that went left once the weed went missing. They asked the girl repeatedly to check her belongings to see if she had the weed because everyone else had already done so and once she refused they got angry. Two ladies began to physical assault her but the girl still refused. It wasn’t until they began beating up on her again that she decided to just comply. They made her strip down to her bra and thong in a room full of boys. The boys were making mean and derogatory comments as the girl was in full blown tears while taking her articles of clothing off. So are these people her friends ? She went to this party to hang out and possibly get to know these people and they all flipped the script on her quicker than quick.

You have to be so careful who you call a friend. This along with all of the other crazy stories we hear such as Kenneka Jenkins, Jamoneisha Merrit and Naomi Oni. Although each are different each of these stories are the unfortunate results of these young women putting trust and allowing the wrong people in their lives. Kenneka Jenkins was at a hotel party with some friends where she was found dead a few days later. There was and still is so much speculation about what role her friends played in this situation. Jamoneisha Merrit was the young girl who went to a friends house for a sleep over and had scolding hot water thrown on her by one of her friends while she was asleep and suffered major injuries. Naomi Oni was the woman who had acid thrown into her face by her friend while she was walking home after work, she too suffered serious injuries. These are just the worst case situations that can happen if you don’t keep the right company.

Everybody ain’t your friend. You may think someone wants the best for you but they want the worst, think they will have your back but they will be the first to throw you under the bus. We never truly know what someone’s intentions are when they come into our lives but the only thing we can do is live our best life and surround ourselves with those who want the same for us and themselves.