My Anti New Year’s Resolution

An·ti /ˈan(t)ē,ˈanˌtī/ : “opposed to; against.” New Year’s Resolution : “a promise to do something differently in the new year” I do not wish to be constrained and/or restrained to goals that subconsciously seem unobtainable. I have tried the whole New Year’s Resolution thing for years. Go to gym more, eat better, have more me time, blah blah blah. These “resolutions” last all of two weeks. In 2019 I do not want to burden myself with that overwhelming stress of conquering all of these goals that I have made for myself. Also I never understood why we post and tell … Continue reading My Anti New Year’s Resolution

The Glo up

I’m baaaaack ! It has been a real real long time since I’ve posted on here due to my busy schedule. Let’s do a quick recap/update on my life: I just finished my first year of graduate school – I literally made it through by the grace of God because when I say this past semester beat me the hell up I mean it. From the excessive papers due one after the other and the not so great professors it was just a bit of a change and challenge for me. BUT I can do all things through Jesus Christ … Continue reading The Glo up