30 Day Fitness Challenge #sbnfitness💪🏾

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So I will be starting my 30 day fitness challenge tomorrow. I want to lead a better lifestyle and improve my health. My eating habits aren’t the best and I am really trying my best to turn things around while I’m still young. So here are the 4 simple rules of this challenge!

1. You cannot drink any SODA OR JUICE. Also make sure to drink 8 bottles of water a day (it might be good to plan ahead and set daily alarms of when your next water break should be) If you want to add a little flavor to your water add some limes, lemons, strawberries, cucumbers and maybe even some pomegranate.

2. Make sure to hit the gym at least 3 times a week. Now I find this a little challenging with working a full time job and going to grad school full time. But I want to lead a healthier lifestyle so I make time in my busy schedule. I personally enjoy hitting the gym early in the morning then heading to work just so that I get a jump start on my day. At a later date I will post my exact workout routines because they do differ each day.

3. Every time you use the bathroom you MUST do 30 squats. This is something that I like to do throughout my day just to keep myself alert and moving. Now this may be a little awkward to do at work when someone is in the stall right beside yours but it’s in the rules so you gotta do it 😉

4. When you wake up in the morning do a 30sec. plank.  This is pretty self explanatory this will give your abs a mighty morning wake up. This is really good because if your problem area is your stomach then this 30 sec plank each morning will definitely show you some results. And you can even increase the time from 30 secs when you want to challenge yourself a bit.

I encourage you all to participate in this challenge with me, with the hashtag #sbnfitness💪🏾. I will be posting weekly picture updates of my progress. I’m so excited to see my results. Also look out for  what I will be eating while doing this fitness challenge ❤️

March 2018: My Pescatarian Diet


So there are many reasons that i decided to challenge myself this month and adapt to a pescatarian diet. As I am getting older   my body is naturally changing. I want to lead a better and healthier lifestyle while still being able to enjoy it. There is such thing to have a healthy diet while it still being appetizing. I’ve decided to become a pescatarian. A pescatarian is one that does not eat any type of meat but they do eat fish. This was something i always said i wouldn’t be able to successfully do because i love chicken so much but i am going to challenge myself this month. I just recently went grocery shopping at Aldi’s which is one of my favorite grocery stores. They have such a variety for you to choose from. Their produce section is amazing !!!! I was able to get green peppers, strawberries, asparagus, onions and spinach. Along with that i picked up some fresh salmon, eggs, cheese, bagels and cream cheese. I tried my best to get food for every meal of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am so excited to start this journey and challenge myself! What will be your monthly challenge for March 2018 ? Comment below.

Challenge: THINK outside of YOUR box.


The purpose of this challenge is to get out of your own head when dealing with people and try and see things from their perspective before reacting to said situation. Just follow these few steps for a week and see if it not only improves the way that you deal with people but also in turn the way they choose to deal with you. At the end of this challenge, simply reflect back on how your week has gone since you’ve completed this challenge. Did you get into less confrontations ? Were you less stressed? Less defensive ? Just take that reflection time to think about why things might have been easier or may we even harder for you this week.

1. When a conflict of interest occurs take a deep breath & don’t be so quick to reply

 2. Try & internalize the situation and understand where the people/person with a opposing opinion is coming from before you respond

3. Once you take that moment to internalize and realize all that comes with the situation then respond

This challenge isn’t meant for you to always change your way of thinking but instead to consider someone else’s opinion as well. There is a way you can respectfully disagree, you can hear the person out and still be strong in your opinion it’s all about your tone of voice.

I am constantly in defense mode no matter who i am talking to/dealing with and it is very counterproductive for the progress and change that i am trying to make in my life. I plan on doing this challenge to see if there will be a difference in the way people deal with me and the way that i deal with people. Im at the age where i should be able to disagree with someone without getting in my feelings or getting upset because they said something i didn’t agree with. It’s time to grow up, can’t stay in a kid mindset forever.