March 2018: My Pescatarian Diet

So there are many reasons that i decided to challenge myself this month and adapt to a pescatarian diet. As I am getting older   my body is naturally changing. I want to lead a better and healthier lifestyle while still being able to enjoy it. There is such thing to have a healthy diet while it still being appetizing. I’ve decided to become a pescatarian. A pescatarian is one that does not eat any type of meat but they do eat fish. This was something i always said i wouldn’t be able to successfully do because i love chicken so much but i am going to challenge myself this month. I just recently went grocery shopping at Aldi’s which is one of my favorite grocery stores. They have such a variety for you to choose from. Their produce section is amazing !!!! I was able to get green peppers, strawberries, asparagus, onions and spinach. Along with that i picked up some fresh salmon, eggs, cheese, bagels and cream cheese. I tried my best to get food for every meal of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am so excited to start this journey and challenge myself! What will be your monthly challenge for March 2018 ? Comment below.

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