My Top Ten things i just can not live without !

10 things I can’t live without? Hmmm let’s see (In no particular order ☺️☺️)

1. My phone of course ! I literally check my phone a billion times a day. Helps me stay in contact with work, school, family and friends all with a quick phone call/text.

2. My significant other. Having someone around that not only understands you, wants the best for you and is rooting for you is an amazing feeling. Even better when there are dope vibes all the time when you guys hang !

3. My Music. Okay this is an absolute must ! I have to be able to do my cat walks every and any where. Also gotta be able to have my dance parties in my room while no one is looking

4. My naps. I L-O-V-E a good ol’ nap. Feel like I’m charging then i wake up on 100%5. Friends. My friendships are super important to me. Helps that i have extremely hilarious friends

6. Water. Although i love the occasional juice here and there water is the key to success y’all

7. Netflix/Watch Live TV. I am a avid binge watcher. Absolutely love it

8. Yummy Food. Well Duh! This should be on everyone’s list. Notice i didn’t get too specific. I don’t judge when it comes time to grub 😋

9. My alarm clock/notepad. If you know me these are two very important things to me. I set like a solid 4 alarms for me to wake in the morning & i practically right everything down because my memory is poop

10. Family. Family is super important to me. No matter where life takes me, I know i can always turn to my family for love and support !

What about you? What’s in your top ten ?

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